Hey,我是黄玄(a.k.a. Hux, @huxpro),一个略懂计算机科学与艺术的斜杆不动青年,自诩是一个广院数字媒体艺术系与 RIT 计算机科学系(师从 Prof. Matthew Fluet 专攻编程语言)杂交出来的黑客与画家

现为 Facebook Meta 签约软件工程师,就职于开源技术网红团队 React,曾参与 Hermes JavaScript 引擎ReasonML (现 ReScript),以及 Reality Labs 某保密项目等。在国内期间,曾被招募为阿里巴巴 · 阿里旅行(飞猪)· 前端工程师、微影时代 · 微票儿 · 前端基础设施工程团队负责人、饿了么 · 大前端团队 · PWA 顾问 等。

目前的物理活动范围主要在美帝纽约与硅谷,也想当个数字游侠。虚拟分身日常出没于微博知乎B站Instagram推特Github 等。


Hey, I am Huang, Xuan (a.k.a. @huxpro). I worked on the React Team at FacebookMeta.

I considered myself as a hybrid between a software engineer specifically into the programming languages theories and implementations domain (i.e. compiler, type system, type-based formal verification, virtual machine, runtime systems, garbage collection), and a creative technologiest deeply caring about many humanistic aspects (e.g. visual, sound, interaction) in UI and HCI in general.

I also worked on the Hermes JavaScript Engine, some other projects under the Reality Labs (Research), and ReasonML (now ReScript) efforts at Meta (Facebook).

In the past, I worked on Alitrip (Fliggy) mobile and web apps under the Alibaba Group, found and lead front-end infrastructure team at an unicorn startup company Beijing Weiying (a.k.a. WePiao, now acquired by Maoyan), and helped Ele.me (now acquired by Alibaba) to upgrade their mobile web site into the first influential PWA (progressive web app) in China.

I studied BA, Digital Media Art at Communication University of China and MS, Computer Science (with a focus on programming languages, mainly supervised by Prof. Matthew Fluet) at Rochester Institute of Technology.